Founded in Odessa (Ukraine) in 2001 by pianist Oleksandr
Perepelytsia, the Ensemble consists of students, post-graduates, alumni and
young lecturers of Odessa State A. V. Nezhdanova Music Academy. They
perform contemporary music programmes and have regularly participated in
the annual International Festival of Modern Art Two Days and Two Nights of
New Music (Odessa, Ukraine, 2001–2018). The Ensemble participated in the
International project European identity across the new outside EU frontiers
(Ukraine–Hungary, 2006) and in the 1 st International festival of young
composers and performers of contemporary music Music Marine Fest
(Odessa, 2006). In 2006 the ensemble played live accompaniment to several
short films by Swiss artist and film director Hugo Schaer. Participated in
festival "Gogol Fest" (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2012).

The Ensemble members are:

Darya Chorba (UA) flute
Volodymyr Gitin (UA) clarinet 
Glushenko Igor (UA) clarinet
Yevhen Piguliak (UA) violin
Yevhen Dovish (UA) cello
Blyzniuk Khrystyna (UA) percussion
Glushenko Viktor (UA) double bass
Maryna Perepelytsia (UA) piano
Oleksandr Perepelytsia piano, conductor, artistic director

Darya Chorba flute
Gitin Volodymyr clarinet
My name is Gitin Volodymyr. I was born on October,16,1989 in the city of Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine.

In 2003 I finished Krivoy Rog music - school №4 and entered the Krivoy Rog Region music college, the clarinet class of  V.V.Onufrienko.

While studying at the music college I participated in music festivals and contests, as follows:

  • «Krimea Spring» - Ukrainian Competition, Simferopol 2004 - 3-rd prize;
  • «Dnipro Trumpets» – Wind Instruments  All-Ukrainian Competition, Zaporozhye 2005 - 3-rd prize;
  • «The Silver Bell» – International Youth Competition, Uzhhorod 2005, 2006–diploma;
  • «Guests of Ayvazovskyi» – International Festival-Competition, Feodosiya 2005 - 3-rd prize,   2006 – laureate;
  • «Dnipro Trumpets» – Wind Instruments  All-Ukrainian Competition,  Kryvоy Rog 2006 - Grand Prix;
  • «The Chords of Khortytsia» – Ukrainian Children and Youth Performing Festival, Zaporozhye, 2006 - 1-st prize.

After leaving the music college in 2007  I entered the Odessa State Music Academy (OGMA), the clarinet class of  Prof. Kalio Mulberg and graduated from it with Master degree in Study of Art in 2011.

Within the period of my study at OGMA I took part in the following:

     -   The Individualis – International Independent Music Competition Kiev 2007, 3-rd prize; Lvov 2009, 2-nd prize;

     - Open Ukraine music contest «I.C.M.U», chamber ensemble (clarinet), Odessa 2010 - 3-rd prize;

     - The 2-nd Ukrainian Festival of Instrumental Music «Its Majesty–the  Clarinet» Chernihov 2010.

I am a regular participant in the International festival «Two Days and Two Nights» held in Odessa  2008 – 2018.

In 2012 – 2014 i was active in concertizing as a soloist as well as a leading clarinetist and conductor of the OGMA wind orchestra; as a soloist and conductor of wind and symphony orchestras at jubilee concerts of famous Ukrainian composers and conductors organized by Odessa Philharmonic.

In 2013-2014 I performed a duet with a well-known accordionist - international competitions laureate Irina Serotyuk, in Odessa Philharmonic Hall and in different halls of  music academies  and colleges in many cities of Ukraine, such as Kiev, Lvov, Kharkov, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Chernovtsy, Kryvoy Rog.

In 2014 the duet won 1-st prize at the international music competition “Citta di Castelfidardo” (Italy), Grand Prix at the international music competitions “Dani Harmonike” (Bosnia Hertsegovina) and “Citta di Lanciano”(Italy). 

In 2016 the duet won 2-nd prize at the 69-th World Cup music competition (Russia).

I went on tours abroad as a member of orchestras, as follows:

- Academic symphony orchestra of Zaporozhye  region philharmonic (leading clarinet), Italy, December 23,2010 – January 08,2011.  

- Symphony orchestra, based on academic chamber orchestra of Sevastopol philharmonic, Republic of  Korea, July, 07-28, 2013.

- Academic symphony orchestra of Moldova philharmonic (clarinet soloist), Spain, December 22,2014 – January 06,2015.  

Nowadays I work as a clarinetist in symphony orchestra led by Andrei Chornyi (Odessa) as well as in Odessa folk group “Dengi vperiod”. 

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Glushenko Igor clarinet
Creative feature of Glushenko Igor Konstantinovich  the year of birth 1998  Was
studied in school by P.S. Stolyarsky from 2011 in the clarinet class of G.I.Orel.During
the years of study he participated in All-Ukrainian and international competitions. At
the 1st All-Ukrainian Competition of Wooden  instruments named after K.E.
Mulberg - 1 Prize (2014p.) Grand Prix and Cavalier's Golden Sign at the International
Competition-Festival Southern Express (2013p.) For achievements in the field of
culture and art became a Gubernatorial Grant (2014p.) For three years acting as a
soloist in concerts accompanied by the Orchestra of the Odessa region -
Philharmonic in the framework of the project "Nashadki P.S Stolyarsky"
In 2015 enrolled in ONMA by Nezhdanova in the clarinet class of prof. Burkatsky Z.P.
For the years of studying participated: Second All-Ukrainian competition named
after V.P. Povzyn –First prize and Golden medal(2016,Odessa)The International
Competition "Music Unites Us" - Gran Pri (2016) VII International Competition
named after D. Bida - Diploma (2016, Lviv) International Competition "The Art of the
21st Century" . "- First prize [2017,Kyiv) Third International Music Competition
"Music Unites Us "nomination ensemble – Grand Prix (2017, Odessa) Takes part in
concerts, plays at the symphony orchestra and opera studio in
ONMA  im.A.V.Nezhdanova
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Yevhen Piguliak violin
Yevgen Dovbysh cello
Yevgen Dovbysh


Curriculum Vitae Yevgen Dovbyshcello

Personal Details:
Date of birth: 16 July 1983
Place of birth: Ukraine
Nationality: Ukraine
2001-2006 “ A. Nezhdanova “Odessa National Music Academy
1990-2001 “P.Stolyarsky” Odessa Special Music School

Solo Experience:
2013,2014- V. Balon-Rymashevskaya - cello international festival
2003-2018- festival of modern composers “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music” member of ensemble ”senza sforzando” Odessa, Ukraine.

Orchestra Experience:
2003- present National Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra (Ukraine)- co-principal cello
2003- present Odessa State Chamber Orchestra (Ukraine) -principal cello

2006- 1st Prize (chamber ensemble) in "Art of XXI Century" International
music competition in Kiev, Ukraine

Master classes:Professor Christoph Henkel (Germany)
Professor Dominique De Williencourt (France)
Professor Saveliy Shuster (USA)
Professor David Geringas (Lithuania)

2004- present ensemble of new music “senza sforzando”
2006- present class of chamber ensemble in “ A. Nezhdanova “ National Musical Academy on a class of chamber ensemble.
2003- present National Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra (Ukraine)-tutti2006- Odessa State
Chamber Orchestra- principal

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Blyzniuk Khrystyna percussion
Glushenko Viktor double bass
Creative feature of Glushenko Viktor Konstantinovich date of birth: July
9, 1995 Education: studied at OSSMShI IM. Prof. P.s. Stolyarsky have
honored artist of Ukraine, Associate Professor Chekaljuka V.v. in double
bass class . From 2013 and up to the present time (V course-
Magistracy) taught in ONMA a.v. Nezhdanova on CL. double bass at the
honored artist of Ukraine, Associate Professor Chekaljuka V.v. with
2014-2017 he worked as an artist (double bass) at the Opera Studio
ONMA a.v. Nezhdanova . From 2017 and so far works as an artist
(double bass) in the Odessa academic Ukrainian music and drama
Theater named Vasilko. Competitions: Second International
competition “Music Unites Us”-2016g. (nominated-soloist) first prize; III
international competition "Music Unites Us"-2017. for the best
performance of the works of German composers (ensemble), Gran-Pri.
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Maryna Perepelytsia piano
MARYNA PEREPELYTSIA piano Odessa, Ukraine.
Born in 1980 (Odessa, Ukraine), she graduated as a pianist from
Odessa State K. F. Dan’kevych Music College under N. F. Bukatar
(1999) and Odessa State (now National) A. V. Nezhdanova Music
Academy with Prof. V. Ya. Dashkovs’ky (2004), where she also made
her postgraduate studies (supervisor of studies Prof.
V. Ya. Dashkovs’kyj). In 2001–2002 she visited the International master-
class for pianists at the Turin Guiseppe Verdi Conservatoire (Italy). She
has got a diploma with honours at the International Competition Art of
21st Century (Kyiv–Vorzel, Ukraine, 2006).
As a member of the Senza Sforzando Ensemble she participated in
the international project European identity across the new outside EU
frontiers (Ukraine–Hungary, 2006). A participant of the 1st International
festival of young composers and performers of contemporary music
Music Marine Fest (Odessa, 2006). Participant of the international
festival Donbas Modern Music Art - 2013 (Donetsk, 2013) and one of the
most famous international festival Two Days and Two Nights of New
Music (Odessa, 2007-2018), where she repeatedly performed with the
Austrian baritone R. Bergman.
As part of the piano duo with O. Perepelytsia, took part in the
International Festivals of Modern Music Zamanla üz-üzə (Face to Face
with Time) (Baku, Azerbaijan, 2011), The Memory of A. Kos-Anatolsky
(Kolomiya, 2017) and Two Days and Two nights of new music (Odessa,
2007-2018). The repertoire of the piano duo consists of the music of
contemporary composers of the modern direction of various national
cultures, mostly represented by elements of theatricalization, among
others - D. Urban, R. Monteras, B. Alvarado, V. Germanasvichus, E.
Kerran, K. Tsepkolenko, A. Firudin.
Since 2013, she is the founder and director of the International Music
Festival-Competition MADEINUKRAINE.
Since 2014, she is teaches piano at the Odessa P. Stolyarsky
Secondary Specialized Music Boarding School.
In addition to creativity and performance she is engaged in scientific
work. She is a PhD of Art Studies (2017). She is a member of the
international public organization Association New Music.
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Oleksandr Perepelytsia piano, conductor, artistic director
OLEKSANDR PEREPELYTSIA piano, conductor Ukraine
Born in 1983 (Odessa, Ukraine), he graduated from the Odessa
State Prof. P. S. Stolyars’kyj Specialized Secondary Music School in
piano with O. P. Pannikova (2001) and from Odessa State (now
National) A. V. Nezhdanova Music Academy (2006) and postgraduate
study of the same academy (creative director V. Ya. Dashkovskiy,
2009). He visited the International master-classes for pianists in Biel
(Switzerland, 2001; Prof. K. Hellwig, Prof. K. Steinegger, Prof. C. Zerah).
In 2017 he received a second higher education at the Department of
Symphonic Conducting of Odessa National A. V. Nezhdanova Music
Academy (classes by Prof. A. G. Samuel and I. I. Chernetsky) and
received a diploma of Specialist in the specialty "Conductor".
He participated in International competitions and festivals:
"Rendezvous International du Piano Creuse", Guéret, France, 1993),
"Days of New Music" (Chisinau, Moldova, 2000), International
contemporary art festivals "Two Days and Two Nights of New Music"
"(2000-2018, Odessa), in the piano competition" Klavier-Wettbewerb"
(Bremen, Germany, 2003); Muse MENHIR music festival in Switzerland
(solo program - 4 Scherzo F. Chopin and works by contemporary
composers, 2010). At the 2nd Sribnyj Dzvin (Silver Bell) International
Competition (Uzhhorod, Ukraine, 2001) he was awarded the 3rd Prize
as a pianist as well as the Auditory Prize and the Special Prize for the
Best Performance of a Contemporary Composer’s Work. In 2003 he was
chosen by the Dresden Centre for Contemporary Music/DZzM to
participate in the international musical project with prominent musicians
and composers as tutors and young musicians grantees from different
countries creating the international ensemble pass_ПОРТ. In
2003–2004 they prepared a programme premiered at the 18th Dresden
Days of Contemporary Music (International Arts Centre Hellerau,
Dresden, Germany, 2004). In 2010 he participated in the MENHIR Music
Festival in Switzerland with a solo programme (four Scherzos by F.
Chopin + works by contemporary composers).
As a member of Piano Duo with M. Perepelytsia) he participated in
the International Festival of Modern Music Zamanla üz-üzə (Face to
Face with Time) - a concert by A. Schnittke for two pianofortes and
chamber orchestra (Baku, Azerbaijan, 2011).
In 2001 he created the ensemble SENZA SFORZANDO. As the
leader of the ensemble SENZA SFORZANDO took part in the
international project European identity across the new outside EU
frontiers (Ukraine-Hungary, 2006) and in the International Youth Festival
of Modern Music Music Marine Fest (Odessa, November 2006), the
International Festival of Contemporary Art Two days and two nights of
new music (from 2000 - 2018) performing solo programs, in the
ensemble and as a conductor. He performed at the MENHIR music

festival in Switzerland in 2010 with a solo concert (4 Scherzo F. Chopin
+ works of contemporary composers).
From 2009 to 2015 - concertmaster of the vocal department
ONMA them A. V. Nezhdanova. From 2016 – Prof. of the chair of opera
training in the same higher school. From 2014 - the head of the musical
department of the National Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra.
In addition to creativity and performance engaged in scientific
work. Has a print articles. PhD of Art Studies (2014). Performs with solo
concerts of modern and classical music. Has records on the radio and
CD. Member of the New Music Association.

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